Self-education and Reading plans

Mark normally do mornings. They’ll swap stories in bed and then walk outside while I prepare breakfast and read.

I discovered that when I read in the morning, it fuels me and then I can focus on Bud. With my filled my cup, I don’t crave for “information” and pick up my phone less. But some days I get dragged out of bed and asked to sit beside him while he builds but he lets me read so we’re good 😅

This reminded me of what Susan Wise Bauer vaguely mentioned in her book The Well-Educated Mind how 30- minute reads in mornings are better than 2 hour reads before bed. Which I think is because we’re supposed to be shutting off our brain at the end of the day. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I’m definitely a morning person, TV keeps me up at night but when I don’t watch I’m asleep by 8 lol so this recommendation is so spot on for me.

“The first task of self-education is not the reading of Plato, but the finding of thirty minutes in which you can devote yourself to thought, rather than to activity.”

Susan Wise Bauer

I’ve been planning a lot, doing research, and talking to Classical Educators. Necessary steps in taking my self-education more seriously. I know deep down it’s one way I am prepared for home education, but more than that, It’s what I crave for. Not just good books but knowing the Great Books. Also, it’s aligned with my goals of learning alongside Buddy, no one is forcing me. 😂

Aside from The Literary Life reading challenge. This is the main reading plan that I’ll follow. 2020 was a good reading year I finished 20 out of the 52 I planned to read. Not a lot but definitely quality books.

This year I discovered that when I take the time to do things for me, I can be more me. Hopefully I can finish this book and follow the recommendations. Looking forward to a year of great books and finding myself in those great books.

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