Para sa atin

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. After consuming inspirational and hmm documentaries that warn about the usage of social media. It pushed me towards defining what I really want to share and stuff I will keep for us from this point.

I journaled about these Tagalog words amin vs atin how you interchange a letter and it’s meaning is changed.

I guess I felt how it applies to this virtual world and Montessori. How Montessori is for everyone and not at all. We try to make it approachable and yet we inadvertently make it seem unreachable.

For me how I try to make it ‘para sa atin’ (for us including you) but sometimes it’s really ‘para sa amin’ (for us). That it is okay for me cause I can only do what I can. No guilt. How at the end of the day, we do what is best for us .

But then a lady aka Jumie showed me a lecture of a professor who talked about who we are in relation to other people. She said many beautiful things one is “Only in relation in fact make me aware that I exist”. – Prof. Palma-Angeles

How the things I do and think about, I can because of the things other people do. “I am discoverable only when I commune with people as intensely as I can”. I really value this community and I always think about what else I can do para sa atin.

So thank you all of you here who inspire me to do and to be. I hope what I share and have shared can propel you to find your own. #MontessoriParaSaAtin

Author: Angel R

Angel R is the blogger behind Books and Buddy. She writes about life as a homeschool mom to Buddy and her reads while living in the Philippines,

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