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GTD, Trello, To doist, Evernote, Wikis. Just some of the productivity tools that I have used or explored to find THE app that will suit my needs. Some of these I’ve been using for more than 5 years like Evernote. Some, I abandon for a while due to app fatigue! I have not found a one-size-fits-all application.

Most of my information is scattered over several apps. Until a few months ago when my some of my home educating friends shared about another app and we looked for an alternative and ended up with Notion.


It was a little hard at first, even for me. I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials and still have not discovered all it’s capabilities. But I’m happy to report that after a month of using it, I’m still using it everyday! No app fatigue yet. lol I read one blog that said use it for 90 days before you commit to it(pay for it monthly), so you’ll here again from me by then. So what is Notion? Is it really for everyone? I described it to my friends as Evernote on steroids. It felt like it at first and that’s how it was marketed. Until I saw all of it’s other capabilities. I now say it’s my knowledge management system. 


Right now, I’ve set up a workspace for homeschooling. We’re not formally homeschooling yet; we’re not enrolled with a provider and we’re not required to submit a progress report or portfolio yet. But I decided I will use it now so I can build the habit of using it. 60 more days to see if I’ll stick with it! Here’s what my home page looks like at the moment.

It has all the links to main pages (hoping to achieve normalized databases so I can minimize the number of links) Our current rhythm and set up flow more smoothly and is very fluid. I believe we’d be unschooling for a while, well until it changes. So this list is for me and I don’t force the activities on Buddy. We are very much child-led and I follow his interest. 

More about the Montessori page that I selected in the photo above. For now it has a list of all activities I plan to work with him following the Montessori method. I learned these through the course of Aubrey Hargis. It’s categorized by “subject” areas of study. Inside it is pretty basic for now. I put a table with the Activities in the first column and the Materials to be used in the other. I plan to put links of videos for presentations later on, some observation notes, and pictures of Buddy. I’ll share that next time!Here is a little sneak peak at the subjects. I used image labels on my pages and I thought I’d share it to those who liked it which you can save and download and use for yourself. Please tag me on Instagram if you use it! Just right click to save it on your devices. Happy planning with Notion! 

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Angel R is the blogger behind Books and Buddy. She writes about life as a homeschool mom to Buddy and her reads while living in the Philippines,

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