Extraordinary Parenting during a pandemic

Parenting can be a truly radical act. The way in which we raise our children can have a profound positive (or negative) impact on our families, our communities, and our world.

Eloise Rickman

The book Extraordinary Parenting by Eloise Rickman got released at a time when most parents needed encouragement. Staying at home during this pandemic with our children full time has its ups and down. I’m grateful our family is safe and we acknowledge that have the privilege to stay home, we’re thinking and praying for everyone.

We miss our play dates with friends and hanging out in public spaces. I personally felt a little lost and it was hard at first trying to find our rhythm. Chapter 2 in Eloise’s book talked about Rhythm in the Home. It was a timely reminder that not only children benefit from a predictable flow but also parents. I started working with my husband and son to adjust our days according to what’s the current need of the family.

I don’t want to spoil the whole book for you so I’ll focus on this chapter and how it helped our family slow down and reassess “the new normal”. We’re not as busy going out and getting stuck in horrible PH traffic unlike before, so we took advantage of the extra time we’re given to look at how we want to move forward with our homeschooling.

The reason I always start with this work is that, when we are clear about what’s important to us, it allows us to critically assess our current lives.

Identifying your parenting values, Extraordinary Parenting by Eloise Rickman I enrolled in Eloise’s course, A Beautiful Education, in parallel to reading this book. It had similar content so it gave me more room to process and work with my husband to list our family values. I took other courses about homeschooling before but it didn’t really focus on the inner work that parents should do before deciding or jumping in with a commitment like this. For us writing down our values and using that as the foundation to which our decision-making stands really helped us decide on the big and little things that comes with educating our son. 

Here are other things that is discussed in the book.

  • Chapter One: Calm in the storm
  • Chapter Two: Rhythm in the home
  • Chapter Three: Toys, play, and the prepared environment
  • Chapter Four: Awakening your child’s natural curiosity
  • Chapter Five: Self-care for ordinary and extraordinary timesIf you want to read it you can find it here

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