I think Montessori Math is genius. When I first read about it, all kinds of wonder filled me. How I wish I learned math this way! I remember telling my husband that I’d prefer if he taught Buddy math cause I don’t think I can. But knowing about Montessori’s work gave me confidence to trust in my abilities and more importantly to trust the child.

Children have the power to educate themselves.

It’s not focused on getting the correct answers but the process and discovery of getting an answer. Plus the materials, they’re very inviting! But it’s not always affordable and doesn’t always fit the home (size, colors, etc.). These are my reasons in making our own materials, that we can customize it to fit our needs and our budget.

DIY Sand Paper Numbers (SPN)

Here’s our Sand Paper Numbers (SPN). I used 4×6” wood and glitter cardstock for the number cutout. Definitely something you can recreate in the home.

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Author: Angel R

Angel R is the blogger behind Books and Buddy. She writes about life as a homeschool mom to Buddy and her reads while living in the Philippines,

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