DIY Cosmic Tower

How do you show a child where he is in this vast universe? The cosmos is a very hard concept to grasp. So grateful that Montessori allowed me to see that there is a framework for us to understand the world and our place within it, which can and I believe should be part of Early Childhood Education.

I got this idea when Anastasia shared her DIY Cosmic Pink tower hack on her instagram. She mentioned that anything tactile and can be manipulated is a good way to teach our children. I knew soon Buddy will ask questions that would lead to this conversation because of his interest with the solar system. So grateful that Anastasia shared this and I had the printable prepared just in case.

Inspired by the Waseca Cosminc Nesting boxes, it demonstrates the following:

  • Milky Way Galaxy which is the 10cm cube
  • Solar System
  • Earth
  • Your Continent
  • Your Country
  • Your state or in our case the Region
  • Your city or town
  • Your building or school
  • The child
  • The energy within the child is the 1cm cube

I saved the last one and asked Buddy to decide where he gets his energy and he chose heart. 🥰 If you have a Pink Tower and live in the Philippines here’s the printable file for our version.

Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you use it. Happy learning!

Author: Angel R

Angel R is the blogger behind Books and Buddy. She writes about life as a homeschool mom to Buddy and her reads while living in the Philippines,

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