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Buddy turned three this year! Since we’re still on lockdown here in the Philippines, we decided to have a simple celebration at home. Buddy wanted a red cake and some macarons. I’ve been saving these birthday themed books that I was excited to read to him.

A Birthday Cake and On the Day You Were Born by Debra Fraiser

I found these Debra Fraiser books from a second-hand store last year and I’ve been saving it to explain birthdays to Buddy. A Birthday Cake is No Ordinary Cake is about a baker who collects special ingredients to make a cake. It’s shows how to mark a year in nature, which doesn’t quite apply to the Philippines and our climate, but nonetheless easy for a little child to grasp the concept of a year. Buddy’s favorite part is after collecting 364 sunlights, you’ll sing happy birthday! Perfect for my solar system loving boy.

In the last page there are facts about how to count in circles which I think is good for older kids. It is a great companion to Fraiser’s first book, On the Day You Were Born. A simple yet heartfelt way to introduce to children the natural phenomena happening on Earth like gravity, migration of animals, sunrise, and the day a child is born. There’s a glossary of those terms in the back as well.

I teared up a little in the last part “Welcome to the spinning world, the people sang as they washed your new, tiny hands. We are so glad you’ve come!” 😭

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