My Story


I’m Angel and welcome to my little space on the vast web where I share about my reads. I try to read a lot of  books and am currently trying to read classics I never read when I was younger. Know more about my reads here.

I read a lot which is why I named this new blog Books and Buddy. I hope this will be a place where I can share my love for books and my journey with Buddy.

Why we homeschool

It is a privilege to learn alongside my son. It is also great excuse to keep him close while he still enjoys our company. I’ve been enjoying reading and geeking out about different pedagogies, which allowed us to follow an eclectic style of learning. I share about Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and how my Twice Exceptional  child learns.

I love technology

With my previous career in the corporate world, I used to review and follow a lot of tech. So that transcends with my day-to-day life  while I homeschool. I share about using technology and productivity tools to manage our home. I have been working on a series using Notion for Homeschool Planning.

Saved by Grace

Thank you for reading as I write about my pursuit of Christ as a Wife and Mom. Ultimately this is my highest priority. I pray that you will find this little space as a reflection of that.

Where to find me