001: Why we started, CM Vol 1 Part 1 Key Takeaways, Mama Me-time

Welcome to The Filipino Parent’s Review Podcast! In our maiden episode we talk about why we started this podcast and our hopes in creating a community for Filipino moms who wish to dig deep into the Charlotte Mason method.

Books, TV, Movie, Song, Anything Review

This is our feast. Here we share our reviews (and recommendations) about books, movies, shows, songs, or anything we have tried recently.

For this episode talk about synthetic knowledge from the wonderful book, Consider This, by Karen Glass. We also touched on the book When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi; and shows Virgin River and Hart of Dixie.

Book Club Discussion #TFPR_HomeEducation

Here, we share our own insights about the chapter we have read with the TFPR Book Club.

This week, we dig deep into our key takeaways from Part 1 of Vol 1 from Charlotte Mason’s Home Education series.

*Mama Me-Time Plans*

What do we have planned for ourselves for the weekend? Home editing and K-drama.

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*Wall of Quotes*

“Given knowledge in recognizable, understandable form, we consume it gladly and it tastes good. Given mere information without context, we choke on the consumption of it and never think of it again if possible.”

-Karen Glass, Consider This

“…the parents need only supply, the child knows well enough how to appropriate.”

-Charlotte Mason, Home Education

“But children should have their mother’s best; her freshest, most alert time of day.”

-Charlotte Mason, Home Education

*TFPR Booklist*

Home Education by: Charlotte Mason ( https://amzn.to/378SFYW )

Consider This by: Karen Glass ( https://amzn.to/3m7pauH )

When Breath Becomes Air by: Paul Kalanithi ( https://amzn.to/37792VF )

*Music Credits*

Harmony by Vlad Gluschenko

Author: Angel R

Angel R is the blogger behind Books and Buddy. She writes about life as a homeschool mom to Buddy and her reads while living in the Philippines,

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